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Portfolio Management and Strategy

Glenstone specialises in the management of a property investment portfolio which now contains 76 properties, diversified by assets class and tenant occupation.

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The present day Glenstone business provides a diversified portfolio of property assets, both in terms of location and a broad spectrum of its property holdings which include industrial, alternative, retail, serviced offices and London residential.

The portfolio provides a sustainable return to our shareholders by spreading risk across capital and income classes.

Glenstone actively seeks to add capital value to the portfolio with a combination of investment along with the re-gearing of existing leases and the placement of new tenants. The Company has an enviable network of excellent property contacts throughout the UK.

Our Strategy


To achieve a sustainable and rising PID (dividend), whilst enhancing capital values.


To provide an attractive solution for any property vehicle who wish to explore an exit strategy.


To deliver a diversified REIT that can raise private and institutional capital.

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To maintain robust rent collection and asset management.


To uphold the Company values of Integrity, Trust, Commitment and Progression.


To promote and harnass investor relationships.